Draco Americanus

These creatures were worshiped by Aztecs (who knew them as quetzalcouatl) for a very long time. It was considered a god to them. They have evolved into three vairants mexican, North american and South American.


The southern variants live in jugles and rainforests while the north american variant perfers open praries


Buffalo in the north and Lamas in the south.


They are ferice preditors but is usually peaceful.


It has no legs only large wings. It is a very effective flyier, it swims thorugh the air like a snake.


They have long snaky bodies and dragon head with small crests that vary of variant and a fin-like growth on the end of its tail.


Mex (Central AmericaEdit

They have bright feathers which is odd for these creatures.

Tex (north America)Edit

Has bright green scles and huge moth-like wings

Incgonito (South America)Edit

Has two small legs with long toes which they use to grab prey. Has Light green scales

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Do not prevoke it. It will rap it's body around you and queeze you to death.