These are truly terrible beasts. They are many variants there being only a few or a hive of each variant. They live in huge underground lairs which are filled with both other Beholders and slaves, which are from every other race. Babies are called Kakwatt which means "punk". In hives a female Ultimate Tyrant rules with an iron fist.


anything but likes; small animals, rodents, mushrooms, roast beef and liver pate.


Very agressive and very very arrogant. Each variant belives that it is the true version of the species. When born they are inspected by their mother for any defects. defects will result in termination.

Despite their babaric behavior they are prone to be very artistic. they take great pride in their artwork, science and architecture of their lairs.


Underground caverns or labyriths


Its central eye gives off an anti magic field making all magic (even its own useless). it activates this power by opening the eye. Each eye stalk has a different spell which is focused into a beam of pure magic

They remain permently buoyant in the air even when sleeping.

When they die they turn to stone, most likely a hormone is hidden in their body and when they die its released, it causes its skin to collect all calcium from its body and hardens, much like Trolls.


They are nothgin more than a flouting ball covered in eye-stalks and with one huge blood-shot eye. It has a huge mouth which is filled with sharp teeth. Its skin is tough and rocky and very durable, almost as hard as metal.

Colour depends of variant. They are usually 8 max feet in diameter and have a max weight of 600 pounds

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Take out as many eye-stalks as possible then go in for the kill. Acid can blind it.