Centaurus indomitus

Centaurs are half-man half-horse creatures who live a life of savagery and partying. They are fond of riotous revelries and large quantities of alcohol.


Centars feed off of wine, root beer, feast meat and olives


Centuars have very little self-control and sence of morality. They are never taking anything seriously which makes them hard to control. When they consume any kind of alcohol their bodies absorb it at an incredible rate so they get drunk alot fater than humans. In that state they will do anything and everything they can until they get sober again.


grasslands and roaming plains

The Party PoniesEdit

The Party class centaurs have fortunately organized themselves into a group called the party ponies. There is a different chapter for each state.


At one point the god Ixion, son of Ares, fell in love with the goddes Hera. After a attempt to rape her she fled to Zeus and pleaded to him for help. He had no proof so Zeus created a cloud to look like Hera N and layed it next to Ixion while he slept. The next morning Ixion ran through Olympus boasting tht he had enjoyed Hera's company. When Zeus had proof he tied Ixion to a wheel and sent him flying. The cloud gave birth to the first centuars in Thessaly.

Tips for demigodsEdit

Here's one that may sve alot of girl demigods. When centaurs get drunk they may try to rape you so be prepeared to kill some centaurs. Thats what Atalanta had to do