Draco occidentalis magus

These are the classic dragon modle. They originate from Europe but are now found in North America, North Africa and Western Asia


Mountian or sea facing caves in a remote area.


Cattle, Sheep and as a last resort humans


They are usually solitray creatures who will only stay with they're mate(until the hatchlings mature). They love to hoard treasure however they are selective hoarders and rate they're gems based on hardness


They have all basic dragon biology.


The egg is blue and purple, becoming darker towards hatching.


Max Length: 45 feet long

Max Height: 13-17 feet tail

There is nothing special about this species look. They're strong scales come in red, green, black and sometimes gold. They have curved horns and a crest. They're tails have an arrowhead tip.

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Hit them in the neck with ranged fire your bound to hit they're weakspot.