"Frdirol, Fridirat! Catch a dog, catch a cat. Skin it raw, skin the fat. On the spit, turn like that. Fridirol, Fridirat"

-goblin camping song

Family: Adentidae

One of the most common species of Greenskin. Goblins are greedy, malicious creatures. A few goblins are not much trouble but in larger numbers they can be a threat.

The are generally mean-spirited creatures, they're apperance is a clue to their personality. They bicker and fight both on and off the battlefield. They live very short lives either being trod apon by their larger cosins Orcs or being killed in battle. They have a talent of being able to survive in many different enviroments, so have evolved into many different variants.

The Gork ComplexEdit

Every now and again a goblin boss (or RedCap) will take over a tribe with few, or no orcs. The goblin will then enticate the Gork Complex by letting the power fully go to his head. This will end in three ways.

1. Another goblin will take over the tribe and the process will restart 2. An orc will come by and see theirs no one leading the grotz, the goblin will then be kicked back into ranks

3. He will try to conquer another tribe. He will most likely lose and die. The only goblin to ever go on a Waaagh orc style is Grom the Fat

Diet Edit

Bugs, fungi, Squigs, game, bits of each other, and rats


Because of thier ability to live in many enviornments, goblin biology varies greatly. Some general characteristics are that they are short, an urge to kill, A thing for squigs, and the usage of crude tools. Most species are born with no teeth so they find substitutes like sharp rock, other animal teeth etc.

list of Goblin variantsEdit

Including an "in a nutshell" description.

  • Slum goblins, small toothy goblins that live in cities.
  • hobgoblins,Small trickster that are not a large threat.
  • Meso-goblins, As tougth and burly as a goblin can get, they know how to use weapons very well.
  • Forest goblins, primitive goblins who ride giant spider
  • Cave goblins, golbins who live underground, are the smartest type of goblin

Tips for DemiogdsEdit

Varying by region, but bullets are always a good solution.

Try to get them to fight you one at a time. If they can't surround you, they can't overwhelm you with numbers