Gorgons were the three terrifying monsters capable of turning anyone into stone. They were three monstrous sea spirits who's name were Stheno, Euryale, and, the only mortal among the three, Medusa.Medusa was killed by Perseus by cutting off her head.

These are not to be confused with the Lesser Gorgon race. Which are the offspring of the three greater gorgons by unknown means. One theroy is that they managed to seduce men while be disguised.

Becoming GorgonsEdit

Medusa and her two sisters were turned into gorgons by Athena. She did it because she caught Medusa andPoseidon together in her temple. Medusa's sisters were also turned into monsters because they helped get Medusa into the temple. it is said that Medusa made herself statues because her sisters faded and she was left lonely. In some myths, the Gorgons were beautiful maidens with brass wings like angels.


Gorgons have hair of living, venomous snakes. They also have a horrifying gaze that turned those who look them in the eye to stone.

The GorgonsEdit


Medusa is the original gorgon who has been slain by Perseus and Percy Jackson


Theimmortal sister of Medusa. She has been known for bellowing cries. She has faded.


The immortal sister of Medusa. She has been known to be the most vicious of the Gorgon sisters. She has faded.