Gryps vulgaris

Griffins (also called Gryphon) known as the king of the skys. Griffins are some of the most noble and powerful creatures out there. Though they are rare, some do take joy in hunting these beautiful beasts. The originated in Mongola and spread to almost all lands.


Horses or any other of their kin Centaur,Pegasi etc..


They are very proud and noble. Though they are prone to be pranksters. It is very possible to tame a Griffin, and if you do they are very loyal.

In the wild they live in prides comparible to that of lions. They are also known to hoard gold and precious stones


Rocky caves near plains, or mountains looking over plains


They have very powerful muscles giving them plenty of power. Like eagles they have very keen eyesight and hearing.


They are about the same size of a lion, minus the wings.They are usually have golden brown fur and dark brown feathers, with a baige feather/hair mane. Their max wing span is 25 feet.

Tips for demigodsEdit

Dont make fun of these guys or they will rip you to shreads.

If you wnat to tame one lasso it t the ground then tempt it with horse meat. Afterwards, just try to be kind to it.