Well did you? XD

Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to Half-Bloods haven! Here, we can have a stress free time, talk about wars, and get claimed by your Godly parent. You are only aloud here if you believe you are a demigod, no spamming or bullying tolerated.

You can check up with your godly parent, check up with Olympus, connect with other Demi-Gods, and just have a plain out good time. :D

People who can help you if you have any troublesEdit


  • No flaming or bullying shall be tollerated, and form of any of that will get youy banned and kicked out.
  • No being rude, or mean.
  • No spamming, any of that will once again, get you kicked out.
  • This site is for ONLY people who believe they are demigods.
  • Have fun!

Chats for this site:Edit (The main chat for this wiki.)