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Harpies are vulture-like creatures who steal food. They are sometimes called storm goddesses, as well as the goddess' of sharp gusts of wind, and they have been known to kidnap babies and replace them with Changelings.

Harpies mostly feed on stolen food, flesh and carron


Harpies lack all consept of mercy and compations, a bit like Orcs. They have no materinal insticnts to their young, so baby harpies are on their own since day one. When they hunt they let out either a frightning scretch or they sing to distract their prey.


They have hollow bones which are very strong. It is unclear how they reproduce, there has never been a report of a male harpy


They have the body of a woman with taloned feet and clawe hands. They have large bat-like or bird-like wings.

Max Height: 6 feet

Max Weight: 150 pounds

Wingpspan: 8 feet

Tips for demiogdsEdit

Most Harpies work a Camp Halfblood, they are secuirty staff and eat any camper who stays out after hours.

The way to fight wil harpies is by having music to counter their songs


A harpy was known as the mother of Zephyrus, the west wind, sisters of Iris and daughters of Thauma, and Electra.

Phineas, a king of Thrace, like Apollo, had a gift of prophecies. Zeus was angered by the information he was revealing that he sealed him away to a island with buffet of food that Phineas could never eat. The Harpies would always snatch the food from him and take it away