Hunters are chaste maidens, usually but not limited to human, Demigod, or nymph, that have sworn loyalty to Artemis. They are gifted with excellent ranged capabilities and hunting skills, along with immortality (they keep this immortality unless they are slain in battle or break their oath), and immensely enjoyed hunting and being at Artemis' side. They are, however, sworn to be a Hunter forever and to be chaste. Because of this, many of the Hunters had a great contempt for males, and dread even traveling with them. Artemis asks for their loyalty to very few. They must be very brave. The highest honor of a Hunter is to have served their lady and be appointed the Lieutenant, who leads the Hunters when Artemis is hunting alone.


Hunters have bows and arrows, which appear magically when they need them. They also have two hunting knives at their sides. The Hunters have a silvery aura, and are stronger and faster than the average human/demigod/nymph. Many of them have hunting birds, usually white, silver, or brown in color, and usually falcons or hawks. They also have many silver timber wolves, that are friendly to the hunters and girls, but not to males.

Attire / UniformEdit

The hunters of artemis usually wear silver, like silver parkas in the winter, and silver tank tops in the summer. They might wear silver togas for special events, though this theory needs comfermation. The Lieutenent of Artemis wears a silver circlet braided into her hair. They usually radeiate a silver/foggy white glow.

Pledge Of The HuntersEdit

I pledge myself to the goddess Artemis.

I turn my back on the company of men,

I accept eternal maidenhood,

And join the hunt.

If Lady Artemis accepts the pledge, then it is binding and should never, ever be broken. Artemis will punish you if you break it, like she did to Callisto. And Callisto was turned into a bear and shot.

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