Draco Troglodytes

These are dangerous dragons as they are known to eat humans. They prefer ambush hunting techniques.


They live in almost all of Europe. They enjoy Damp, wet or other low-lying places, such as a well or "knucker" hole


Rabbits, deer, farm animals, and lost children


They are solitary ambushers. They are very aggressive and are known to attack humans.


They have normal dragon biology, but cannot fly with they're tiny wings. They use venom instead of fire. The purple venom which is fifty times stronger than hydrochloric acid and can liquefy prey.

The eggs are in various shades of green for camouflage and their chicks are largely aquatic. They can live up to about 140 years


Max Length: 30 feet

Height: 3-6 feet They have a long thin snake-like body with four small legs each with a clawed foot and two small vestigal wings. They come in leathery brown, dull red and greenish blue.

Tips for demigodsEdit

They use venom instead of fire so be careful and try to hits its weak spot.