Draco orientalis koreensis

This subspecies of Chinese Lung who live in Korea. As babies they are fully aquatic when they grow up the crawl onto land.


They live in the volcanic springs of korea


They prey on small mammals, their favorite is musk deer.


They are alot like Chinese Lung in behavior. They have a hypnotic ability to hunt prey, they use a swaying dance and their call.


They have basic dragon biology.


Max Length: 50 feet

Height: 8-10 feet

They look alot like Chinese Lungs but are thinner and longer. Their wiskers are longer and they have 4 toes instead of 5. They come in yellow and gold and have white manes.

Tips for demigodsEdit

When it begins to try and hypnotize you blug your ears and look away. If you can get past that fight it like any other dragon.