A Lycan is a half-man half-werewolf that can control it's own transformations.


After two hundred years of war between Werewolves and Vampires

A lycan.

, a werewolf gave birth to an almost human baby. The vampire leader Viktor took the young boy as his favorite and named him Lucian. Viktor used him to turn other men into lycans which were used as slaves and gaurds.

Werewolves vs LycansEdit

The difference between Lycans and werewolves as depicted in the film is the Lycans' ability to transform at will between human and beast, where as werewolves are a permanent transformation from human to man-wolf. Slight physical differences are found as well; a werewolf's snout is longer than that of a Lycan.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Lycans display a number of greatly enhanced physical attributes. As with their rivals, the vampires, Lycans are immortal (William survived over 800 years of captivity with no food).

They possess enhanced strength, reflexes, coordination, speed, agility, durability, endurance and regenerative abilities superior to that of most vampires while in their Lycan forms and are able to crawl across walls with great ease and speed, and have equal or greater physical abilities to Vampires in their human forms. As with wolves, Lycans possess greatly heightened senses and excellent tracking skills due to their highly sensitive sense of smell. Lycans have shown that in close quarters combat they are vastly superior to vampires as seen when very few Lycans are killed in close quarters.

Their bite releases the Lycan virus, which can aggressively overtake a normal human's physiology, causing them to become a Lycan as well. A bite by either a Lycan or Vampire is typically lethal, suggesting that the majority of those bitten die rather than transform into either immortal race. Similar to vampires, Lycans have the ability to easily survive falls from great altitudes by landing on their feet.


  • Lycanthrope. More Human-like Lycans which a seperated into 2 sub-classes
  1. Natural Lycans, born from 2 lycan parents
  2. True Lycans, created from a bite
  • Therianthrope. Some Lycans turn into huge wolves and their fur color reflects the human's attitude. Each is unique in a way.


Most lycans have a trigger that makes them transform. For example, if a lycan is in human form and it gets to hyper, it will transform. Other triggers are: getting to angry, getting hurt, getting too much adrenaline, or to protect something or someone.

When they die they turn back into human form.