Mantichora horriblis

A manticores are lethal preditors. It has a man's face, dragon's wings, and a scorpion's tail. They have a roar that sounds like a flute. Manticores mate for life and have a few cubs every few years. The cubs seem harmless, they cant fly or shoot spikes but have a really nastey bite.


Marshes or swamps but can live anywhere


Any flesh but prefers human


They're spikes are filled with a powerful nerotoxin venom. they are fired from a powerful muscel spazem that forces the spikes to fly.


They have the body of a lion with two very large bat-like wings. It has a long flexible tail with a bulb covered in spikes. It's face is oddly human-like.

Max Height: 10 feet

Max Weight: 1000 pounds


Manticores were originally from Greece but for some reason they were banished to Persia so were never fought by a great hero and had no glory.

Tips for DemigodsEdit

A shield to defend from the spines being shot at you. It cant change direction very fast; try to get cover ASAP and fire at it from affar.