Medusa (Μέδουσα in Ancient Greek) is a Greater Gorgon. She was a daughter of Phorcys and Ceto. After Medusa andPoseidon desecrated Athena's virgin temple, Athena cursed Medusa and her sisters. Her hair was turned to snakes and anyone who would look upon her gaze would turn to stone. She was once a beautiful woman before Athena cursed her. Her only company is her statues. However sometimes her curse only affects men and women could not enter her "temple" ( lair)

Physical AppearancesEdit

Medusa is described as an old woman with wrinkled, coffee colored skin and snakes for hair. She also has a middle eastern accent.


  • If someone looks into her eyes, he/she turns to stone. She is said to be petrifyingly ugly.
  • She can use the snakes in her hair as a offensive weapon.
  • Her hands curl into sharp claws that can tear through flesh.
  • She has an extremely persuasive voice; she could slightly charmspeak.