Equus volucer

Winged horses, called Pegasi who are the offspring of the original Pegasus, the horse who flew to the heavens to become the God Zeus' steed. They are a preferred mount for demigods.


Normal horse food.


Very loyal to a particular person who "owns" them. They are a bit talkative sometimes (to kids of Poseidon and those able to communicate with animals) They tend to like a good joke.

In the wild they usually live alone or in small family groups

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Always try to be nice to these guys. If an enemy is riding a pegasi you will need to kill it. Spears through the chest works well, and Griffins are the natrual predator of all horse-like creatures. But sometimes, if you a have your own pegasus, you can just fight in the air (it's fun for some people, but not suggested for those afraid of heights). If you don't want to hurt the pegasus, you can always aim for the enemy directly.