Faunus Silvanus

A satyr

Satyrs, also known by the Roman term Fauns, are men with hairy goat legs and hooves, goat horns, and pointed ears that may look like those of a goat's. When in public, they will be clumsy, for they have to wear fake feet to be unsighted (more accurately not felt/heard since they should appear normal in public due to the Mist) to mortals or humans. They were always in search of Pan until he faded, the ancient god of the Wild. Their Roman Counterparts are the fauns. Satyrs also worship the god, Dionysus.


Usually the forest of Camp Half-Blood other forest groves


A goat-like diet. They can eat almost anything


  • Can detect half-bloods and monsters by scent
  • Can control plants and insects by playing music of their Reed Pipes
  • Can talk to animals
  • Can sense emotions of demigods and of Mortals
  • Woodland magic
  • When they die, they are reincarnated as plants, such as Laurels


They have a human-like body structure with alot of goat-like features. It is unclear how they reproduce they most likely reproduce with nymphs, mostly dryads


Many satyrs go to Camp Half-Blood to become a Searcher. A role of which they will usually conduct a search of Pan, the god of the Wild. Long ago, Pan disappeared, as the modern civilization was tearing apart the wild.