Serpens montruos
Sea Serpent

A sea serpent

Sea Serpents are the most common species of sea monster. They are fierce fighters and skilled preditors. They have large fangs that inject a very powerful venom. They are mortal enemies to krakens and fights between the two monsters has caused tsuamis. They are fast when they attack and are very hard to kill.


Deep coral caves or underwater caverns

Diet and hunting habitsEdit

Sea Serpents are carnivores, they mostly feed on whales, sharks and giant squids. They locate prey through vibrations in the water and then they attack by rocketing through the water and ram into the prey full force breaking bones and killing the prey. If the prey is still alive it will wrap itself around it and squeeze the life out of it. Then the are free to eat the poor animal whole and without a struggle.

When defending territory they will attack ships and eat everything both crew and cargo alike. When they attack ships they have a very effective hunting strategy. First it quickly wraps itself around the bow of the ship stopping it dead. It rears its head over the deck and begins feasting on the crew if there is resistance it also uses its tail to fight off the crew. When the crew retreats into the hull it snakes its head through hull breaking the ship from the inside out.


Sea Serpents look like giant eels sometimes, reaching over 100 ft long. They have a huge reptilian head with retractible snake fangs and gills tucked in behind the jaw. They are usually sickly green in color but have been baige, brown, orange and even blue. The have very strong large scales that shimmer in the light. Their bodies are coated in a slime coating that helps protect their scales frome disease and damage. They also have small fins and spines that they use to maneuver in the ocean.

Tips for demigodsEdit

Fire works very well as does acid. However most weapons work if you hit at the correct spots. Don't forget good timing. They usually swim in a pattern. Very skilled demigods can train them to be a mount.