Draco Montana

A smaller subspecies of Chinese Lung. They often live in or near tibetan monistaries and are known to actually meditate with the monks.


In the summer they live on open mountainsides and in the winter they live in small dens. They live in the himalayan range


They eat yaks usually but they prefer to eat Yeti


They are extremely solitary but not very agressive. They have very good relations with humans, but only a select few and do not speak to humans in any way.


The have basic dragon biology but are far smarter then most dragons.


Eggs are round, laid singly in a scrape of snow and coloured orange, green or yellow with faint marbling.


Max length: 40 feet long

Height: 10-12 feet high They look alot like Chinese Lung but are alot smaller and thinner. They come in iridescent red or orange, as camoflage seems unecessary.

Tips for demigodsEdit

Be respectful when looking for wisedom. If your forced to fight them look for it's weakspot.