Ugly and beastial, Trolls are one of the foulest creatures in the world. Nocturnal by need, they are strong and have an never ending hunger. They can also have the odd ability to regenerate any wound. Even vital organs can be grown back. There are only four things that can harm a troll, fire, sunlight, electricity, and aethr. Burns cannot be regenerated and when hit by ultra-violet rays the instantly turn to stone, there is no cure for that.


Flesh, Carrion, Bugs. They are very fond of sheep meat.


Trolls are technically not greenskins they do have females and males, but its hard to tell the difference. Its unclear how they regenerate its possibly the same way starfish regenerate most of their bodies. And for the sunlight weakness its probibly a combination of when ultra-violet yars touch their skin the calcium ruches our of their bones and into thir skin and instantly hardening them inot rock. As they harden they lose their shape so that is why they just look like lump of rock rather than a troll-like statue.


Hungry monsters will attempt to get you close, then devour you whole. Because of the weakness to the sun, they will never attack a son of Apollo or Hyperion, and have a fear of fire. They are not the most intelligent creatures but they have it where it counts. They are skilled with riddles but otherwise they are very stupid.

Relationship with GreenksinsEdit

Accationly a pack of trolls will latch onto a passing tribe from the smell of rotting meat and carrion. The greenskins will herd the trolls into battle. The trolls dont really know whats going on they just start eating people


Stone trollsEdit

In the high mounains a breed of powerful trolls live. they have thick rocky skin which gives them immunity to the sun light. They are midly aggresive and are prone to hoard treasure.

River TrollsEdit

In lakes and swaps river trolls ambush their prey from beneath the muck. The foulest of all trolls they are prone to vomit acid for attack.

Mole TrollsEdit

Underground in vast mazes of cave where cave goblins live. Very aggresive trolls, who attack anything they see. They are amoung the fastest and strongest kind of trolls. They use a snake-like tounge to navigate throught the darkness.

Tips for DemigodsEdit

Stab it in the groin and run just in case it falls or call upon you're Olympian Mother or Father to smite it for you. P.S don't use swords or spears to kill it, because of it's short range will put you in eating distance.

Bright flashes (e.g: flares, muzzle flashes, explosions) will hurt a troll, move in while it is weak and kill it, or be prepared to meet you're parents in the after life.