A unicorn


Orginnating from the middel east Unicorns have spread through out the wolrd and been revered for millenia.

They have been hunted almost to extinction for their horns and hides. Which has healing powers.


Deep forests


Grasses and pomegranets


They are prone to be timid and are impossible to tame. They are like deer in behavior very timid and run at the slightest sound.


Its unclear how they get through healing powers their arua is possibly deadly to all nearby bacteria and viruses and it increses cell healing ability.


They are about the size of a large stag. They look like an acient horse. They are usully light in colour and of corse have a long horn.

Tips for demigodsEdit

Dont try to ride one they really dont like that. For the rarity its unwise to kill. You may catch one so you may try to bring back the species to their former splender.

To catch one have a young, beautiful female person sit in a meadow where a unicorn has been sighted. Hide in the woods. Eventually a unicorn will come near the girl. Have the girl say soothing words to the unicorn as she stroaks it's mane. After a while the unicorn will fall asleep in her lap. Get what you need from the unicorn than quietly head out.