A werewolf.

Werewolves (also known as children of the moon) are almost extinct. They are created from a victim of a werewolf. They are very animal-like and have permently lost all remains of their human selves. They attack on sight and fight without mercy.


The first werewolf was a man named William. He was the brother of the first Vampire Marcus and the son of Corvinus. They had one more brother who was doomed to walk the lonely roads of mortality. When William was bitten by a wolf we turned into a giant albino wolf-humanoid. He then went on a rampage through Eruope turning thousands into werewolves. His brother was creating a vampire army to capture William and try to control him. He was captured and sealed away in a prison where he stayed for several centries.

Two hundread years after the creation of werewolves they evolved the ability to change back into human form and those who could change were named Lycan. Meaning that they were half-werewolf and half-human

What bites look likeEdit

The bites are very gross to look at. They are crescent shape and usually have poison that go's through the blood until the man/woman is one. If the person is killed the werewolf venom will heal any wounds and revive the person but they will rise as a werewolf. It might even turn green if the venom is powerful enough.

Tips for DemigodsEdit

They can be killed any way you can but they are very hard to kill. Dont get them in combat for they are very good at figthing unarmed against armed. You need to get them with a surpirse attack.

If you find a werewolf victim burn the body. Dont bother with silver that only works on Wolfman.