Wolfmen are very dangerous and deceptive. They are created when a person survives a wolfman attack. During the following full moon and new moon the person will undergo a painful tranformation into a blood thirsty monster, who then goes on a mad rampage killing everyone and everything and leaving only bloody clothes. They then wake up the next morning covered in blood in their home. However, lycanthropy doesn't always go in effect. If you're lucky, you don't become a Wolfman.

They often try to commit suicide but realize that they are both immortal and inviciable.


It is unclear how wolfmen came to they are possibly the missing link between Werewolves and Lycans. Or a weird mutation from one of William's attacks. All i know is that the first wolfmen were found in England and have spread throughout out world


In wolf-form the look of the creature may vary depending on the person.

But anatomy-wise there are 2 main variants of Wolfmen

  1. True Wolfmen, created from a bite and change during the full/new moon
  2. Natural Wolfmen, created from 2 wolfmen parents, dosent need the full moon to change. They are alot like Lycans in this way

Tips for demigodsEdit

If you are forced to kill a wolfman use silver, it burns really badly. A silver bullet is the weapon of choice

Having unprotechted sex with a wolfman(including while their in human form) may result in extensive bleeding or even rupture of your genitels

Anitdotes for WolfmenEdit

Wolfspian can be eaten before the first transformation to cure the person

If a person has been cured from being a wolfman that gain anti-wolfman antibodes. If a wolfman bites someone like that they are too cured.